Our Reporting Solutions

  • 3D CAD files of surveyed points
  • Individual viewpoint images
  • Viewpoint coordinate listing and descriptions
  • Camera position information
  • Marked up baseline image

What is the benefit of a Verified View Survey?

If you need an accurate visual representation then a verified view is the way to go – it’s a render of a 3D model representing a proposed development, placed accurately within a photograph of the prospective site. Thanks to the use of collected survey data, accurate photography and a strict recorded methodology, verified views offer a high level of verifiable precision.

Accurate Visual Representation (AVR) – a still image, or animated sequence of images, intended to convey reliable visual information about a proposed development to assist the process of visual assessment.

Using a combination of GPS and total station measurements, we can accurately coordinate camera positions and key viewpoints such as points on buildings, structures and roads.

Why choose ADS Surveys for your Verified View Survey?

At ADS Surveys, we have over 25 years of surveying experience which makes us a knowledgeable and reliable choice for your survey requirements. We use the latest technology to ensure that all surveys are precise and we are a full member of The Survey Association (TSA). We are able to offer a cost-effective and efficient service every time, helping you to keep your project on track.

Through offering a wide range of solutions, we can be flexible in meeting the needs of each one of our clients – and we understand that not every survey is the same! For a no obligation quote, contact our professional, friendly team today and we will be happy to help you.

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