What is a utility survey?

Utility surveys are an essential part of any design and pre-construction works as they can help to reduce risk, avoid delays, save money, and find potential health and safety issues.

A utility survey is used to locate buried services which could otherwise be disrupted during a construction project. This includes everything from finding out where pipelines and wires are to locating drainage and sewage works.

Do I need a utility survey?

Utility surveys are carried out using a non-intrusive method and can be useful for a whole range of projects. Not having one of these surveys could have serious implications should any utilities be interrupted whilst work is being completed, and you would be liable for any damage caused.

Having a utility survey is an investment and will give you peace of mind that your project can be worked on without the risk of disrupting water, gas, electricity, or telecommunications services.

Why choose ADS Surveys for your Utility survey?

At ADS Surveys, all of our utility surveys are undertaken to PAS 128:2014, providing the confidence that they are being undertaken in line with industry standards. Produced by the British Standards Institute, this is the industry specification for underground utility detection, verification, and location.
Our knowledgeable team have over 15 years of surveying experience and always provide a professional, friendly service.

We are a full memeber of The Surveys Association, which is the leading industry body, and will happily provide you with a no obligation quote for your project – no matter how big or small! Contact us today and find out how we can help with your utility survey.

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