What is a UAV/drone mapping survey?

During a UAV/drone mapping survey, a drone is used to produce high-resolution imagery and survey-grade data. The data collected can then be used for a range of deliverables, such as alignment sheets, as-built mapping exhibits, and volumetric models.

Different sensor payloads can be operated allowing for a range of services. These include thermal mapping for pipeline and compressor station leak detection, infrared imaging for vegetation management, and video production for ongoing construction progress and tracking.

Do I need a UAV/drone mapping survey?

UAV/drone mapping surveys are ideal for those who would like a survey carried out on a site that is hazardous, hard to access, or very large in size, and are safer and more cost-effective than sending in personnel and using various other equipment.

Collecting data in this way is quick and affordable, plus it can often be completed at short notice due to how flexible it is. UAV/drone mapping surveys can be combined with more traditional surveying methods to assist with topographical surveys, building surveys, construction site monitoring, and much more.

Why choose ADS Surveys for your UAV/drone mapping survey?

At ADS Surveys, we have over 25 years of surveying experience and are pleased to be able to welcome new methods, such as UAV/drone mapping, into our portfolio.

Whether you want a UAV survey to supplement more traditional surveys or simply want to use this method for your project, our knowledgeable team will be able to assist in finding the best option for you and the work you have planned.

Contact us today for a no obligation quote and find out how we can help with your UAV/drone mapping survey.

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